About Us

Salos Services is a Colorado based partnership with experience in business process and business intelligence across many industries and cultures. Salos Services helps local businesses and nonprofits learn how to use their data to gain insights and make better decisions. While some of these businesses may not have the time, effort, or the expertise, Salos Services wants to provide this important and vital service to acquire, understand, and analyze their data.

2% of Salos Services revenue is given back to the community through charitable donations.

Core Values


Some measure their success by achievements, but we measure our success by the trust and respect we earn from others.


We love what we do, and have a strong desire to help others.


We believe that by working together, we will reach our destination faster and with better results, as success is best achieved as a team.


We live for creative solutions to complex problems. An open and learning culture is paramount to being successful.


Barrett Johnson
Managing Partner

After years working first as a consultant and then with a major healthcare provider, Barrett gained experience by delivery solutions in the areas of data management and enterprise reporting. As a leader and member of teams spanning organizations and geographic boundaries, Barrett delivered flexible and maintainable reporting solutions in industries including healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, and government.

Deciding it was time for a change, Barrett with his partner Jason created Salos Services to help local businesses and nonprofits learn to use their data to gain insights and make better decisions. Having grown up in Colorado and raising his family here in Golden, Barrett believes that helping business and nonprofits is vital to the growth and success of our community.

Jason Herron
Managing Partner

With over 16 years of software experience, Jason knows how to leverage technology to solve complex issues.

Jason has worked with many companies in the Fortune Global 500. His exposure to a myriad of industries has resulted in an incredible experience solving diverse and unique problems. Jason has worn many different hats over his career, which has given him great perspective on working with others to help solve issues.

“How can I make this better, faster, easier?” Jason’s passion for using his computer programming skills to solve problems, automate processes, or just make life easier does not end with the work day. His latest pet project is a cloud based application that helps his family create easy-to-use carbohydrate counting worksheets for his 3 year old type one diabetic son’s daycare provider.

Jason grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Colorado in 1995 to attend Colorado State University. He quickly fell in love with Colorado because of the friendly people and exciting outdoor activities with incredible scenery.