The answers to your business question are within the data. We work with you to discover where the data is, how to get that data, and how to use it to your advantage.

Today’s business is a complex landscape and many organizations have inefficient manual processes, multiple disparate data sources and inadequate reporting. This can cost organizations time and money on efforts unaligned with key operational and strategic goals.

Salos Services can help you look at the bigger picture and help you look at the data with new perspectives. Our process merges technology with business acumen to drive your business forward.

Not sure where to start? Our initial assessment will begin to identify your key business questions and understand how we can turn those into actionable decisions.

Contact us to learn about our initial assessment, where we learn about your key business questions and understand how we can help turn them into actionable decisions.

Business Process Analysis & Improvement

We will work to understand the current processes and identify solutions that will lead to higher quality output with less effort. These insights in turn, can result in process improvements that align short-term departmental goals with a company’s long-term objectives.

  • Business Process Review & Identification

  • Process Mapping & Efficiency Identification

  • Process Automation

  • Systems Integration

Reporting & Visualization Solutions

It is critical to get the data to the people who need it most in a timely and user friendly format. Reports need to be designed and built for the users’ needs. We provide an array of solutions to build, maintain, and deliver your reports.

  • Report & Visualization Development

  • Design Guidelines

  • Report Hosting

  • Change Management

  • Usage Metrics


Our methodology starts with your end results in mind by identifying key business questions. We work with both stakeholders and end users to understand data needs and dependencies.

Through iterative development, we create processes and reports that meet the needs of all users. We also understand that as your business grows, the reports need to evolve to meet the need for more information. This is not about an end deliverable but an evolution of your data and reports.